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Saturday, 30 December 2017

Late Yama Buddha's Motivational Speech New Video l How to build confidence...

Late Yama Buddha's Motivational Speech New Video l How to build confidence!

You have to be able to be crazy enough

Coz you only live once

Before being human we are an animal, so

You know you just let it all go

.. I know it's easy to say it

But  you just Try Try it Harder

and you all always gotta understand that

You are you and you can't be anybody else

Nor I can be anyone else

can't be you have your own unique abilities

Isn't it, it is coz your inner WillPower is there

This WillPower..

Your willingness is your WillPower

So if you have strong WillPower no one can

stop you, I never did Anchor training..

but I did host, I might have done

whatever I could but I did it

Why coz I had that WillPower to do

isn't it, If no one is going to do then

Ok, I will do it, it's ok if I do wrong. Work we

will make mistake and learn. We fall

When we learn Cycle don't we fall coz we fall shall

we stop learning..!  Isn't it.. same as

without nervousness, you wouldn't gain Confident

without fall how can you run, it's just part of life

How many mistakes I have made on Live shows

but till now

100 times I might have made mistakes

but nobody knew, I made mistakes with confident,

I was confident, isn't it so

That fear presents in every individual

I too use to be very afraid

but you know you just have to ..

It is your Attitude also

How you take it to that particular topic/ talk

How you give the conclusion. Everything is Logic!

Logic will solve

In this World, everything will be solved by Logic

If you use the Right Logic ...- -

With the Right Logic

You can clear your own inner queries

Just like I do own my own,

If any uneasy in you then Overcome it

then running away. If there were Snakes

everywhere in Kathmandu then we have to

think to survive than running away from home.

Yes, yes, coz we can't run from problems

If you are a shy then think how to

overcome of Shyness and focus.

If you don't have winning attitude

and you are the last bencher then we can talk

I was the last bencher too, what you got

First, find out your weakness and then

accept it, face  and

Know your weakness to grow better.

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